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On the Drive (1997)
EDITORIAL: "did anyone say anything new about the drive?"
EDITORIAL: Montage of the Drives
The Drive is Speech
Desire and the Drives
Remark Concerning the Drive
Drive on
On the Drive
For a Political and Libidinal Economy on the Edge of the Second Millennium
Sexuation and the Drives
The Drives
The Satisfaction of Drives
Drives ... the Narrative
Lacan and Ethics and Adam and Eve
Freud's Concepts of Drive, Desire, and Nirvana
The Elements of the Drive
Desire: Drive = Truth: Knowledge
The Jouissance of Justice
Dualism and the Drive
Necessity is the Drive

Umbr(a): On the Drive (1997)
Editor: Joan Copjec
Issue Editor: Daniel G. Collins
Managing Editor: Cal Clements
ISBN: 978-0966645217 / 0966645219
ISSN: 1087-0830

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