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Psychoanalysis and Culture

The Object (2013)
INTRODUCTION: The Double Vision of the Object
Certainty and Fantasy: The Limits of Metaphor
Johnston's Materialist Critique of Meillassoux
Pseudo-Emergence: Against Meillassoux's Duo-Theism
The New Hysterical Question
A Part Object Which Is Not Part of Any Object
On the Necessity of Contradiction: Hegel with the Speculative Realists
The Objections of Form: Poetry, Psychoanalysis, And the Turn to Objects
Saving the Absolute or a Metaphysics Without Metaphysics
All These Objects That Turn Their Backs on Us...

Umbr(a): The Object (2013)
Editor: Joan Copjec
Issue Editors: Chris Sylvester & Macy Todd
ISBN: 978-0979953965 / 0979953960
ISSN: 1087-0830

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